A Weiner's Tale: The Political Putz Pics His Pecker, This Time for a 15-Year-Old Girl

FOR USE AS DESIRED, YEAR END PHOTOS - FILE - New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner rubs his eyes during a candidate forum on small business, in the Inwood section of the borough of Manhattan, in New York, Tuesday, July 30, 2013. Weiner had plunged to fourth place among Democrats in a poll taken since he admitted to having illicit online exchanges with women even after he resigned from Congress amid a sexting scandal. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

Anthony Weiner has been caught between yet another rock and a hard place after he was busted sexting with a 15-year-old girl. The Daily Mail broke the story Wednesday morning and has screen caps of the sexts.



The girl contacted the Daily Mail personally and also provided a video interview, although her identity is obscured because she is still a minor.

In the video the teenager describes how she first contacted him via Twitter after being surprised to discover his account was still active. She says she “stroked his ego” a bit and he took the bait almost immediately.

The former mayoral candidate was aware the she was 15 years old.


As the relationship continued the nature of their texts became more and more sexual, with Weiner expressing rape fantasies involving her wearing a “school girl” outfit. Much of the sexting was done over an app that erases the name of the sender immediately, but the girl was able to snap some photos of their conversations.

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“I was scared, I felt bad for talking to him. I felt guilty”

“After I told my teacher about the relationship he wanted me to email my dad and teacher to tell them it wasn’t true.”

“He would tell me he was very lonely and it had been a year since him and his wife had sex.”



The Daily Mail contacted the cocky politician for an official statement.

I have repeatedly demonstrated terrible judgement about the people I have communicated with online and the things I have sent.

Ya think?

You can read Weiner’s full statements here. The Daily Mail also has many more exclusive screencaps of their text messages and Skype conversations.

It is hard to believe that a guy who is best friends with Slick Willy could prick himself on the same thorn and expect to get away with it. So far there is no evidence that the member of the Clinton’s inner circle had any physical relationship with any women, but all of the explosive sexting came prior to his wife – Huma Abedin- giving him the shaft.

Not only did this pecker peter out of politics thanks to a wandering…eye, he has nothing to show for it. No wife, no family, not even a girlfriend.

How flaccid does a man’s personality have to be that he would engage in virtual pedophilia knowing its not that hard to be caught?

No doubt Weiner is a complete tool. It takes a lot of nerve to have a name like that and be such a pervert.


Of course, the larger issue is the type of people the Clinton’s have purposefully surrounded themselves with. It is rumored (and I use that term loosely, as its widely accepted knowledge these days) that the former President and First Lady handpicked Weiner to be an influential part of the Clinton circle. He was well on his way to becoming mayor of New York City and who knows what beyond that.

I’m not sure Clinton is really ready for that 3a.m. call but maybe someone should ask her about a 3 a.m. sext.

Only a ballsy, little-known (to the general public) blogger named Andrew Breitbart stood in Weiner’s way and the rest is history.

Oh Andrew, would that you were here to enjoy this.


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