This New, Must-See Pro-Life Video Brilliantly Mocks the "Magic of the Birth Canal"

Sometimes pro-life marketing gets it wrong, but a new video, from the group Choice42, gets it right.

The grassroots organization, located in Canada, is dedicated to promoting the worth of both mother and baby. Their website offers a database of resources, including maternity homes and adoption agencies, as well as information on abortion recovery.


Truly, they are meeting women where they are and offering compassion and care.

A few days ago, Choice42 released this deliciously sardonic video entitled “The Magical Birth Canal.” It is a searing take on the pro-abort narrative that says life begins at birth.

Quite simply, it is brilliant.

The pro-abort community is rabid in their insistence that life within the womb has no value at all. They believe the unborn should be denied personhood until that magical moment of birth.

Something within that canal confers humanity on a life that has been human from the moment of conception. But pro-aborts prefer to think of the unborn as a mass of tissue not worthy of protection.

I love that Choice42 went this route and mocked the abortion mantra. The sarcasm is grimly effective. The explanation within the video of when human rights begin, according to pro-aborts, is as unbelievable as ever.


The next time someone in your life tries to tell you that the unborn lack personhood, show them this short video.

It is 79 seconds of pure, pro-life genius.

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