Legislation Passed in Washington State Forces Insurers & Taxpayers to Fund Abortions

In this 2013 photo, Gov. Jay Inslee speaks to abortion rights supporters at a rally at the Capitol. The rally was in support of a measure that would require most insurers in Washington state to cover abortion. (AP Photo/Rachel La Corte)


Last Saturday, the Washington State Legislature passed a bill requiring that health insurance companies provide abortion coverage in their plans if maternity care is also provided.

As if the two are related.

One covers the growth and development of an unborn child during the months of pregnancy.  The other funds a legal murder-for-hire. However, politicians never let the truth stand in the way of an agenda.

The legislation, known as Senate Bill 6219, now awaits signature by Governor Inslee. As reported, there is more to the bill than just coverage of abortion.

The bill states, “If a health plan, other than a multi-state health plan, issued or renewed on or after January 1, 2019, provides coverage for maternity care, the health plan must also provide a substantially equivalent coverage to permit the abortion of a pregnancy.”

The bill also states there would be no limit in the way a person can access abortion related services, but the coverage, “may be subject to terms and conditions generally applicable to the health plan’s coverage of maternity care”.”

Health plans that offer maternity care must also provide coverage for all contraceptive drugs, devices and other products approved by the FDA as well as voluntary sterilization.


Essentially, this is state-funded abortion.

The bill would allow the state to use taxpayer money to cover the cost of an abortion through Medicaid. Federal law prevents the federal funding to pay for abortions, but the state can do so under Medicaid, if only state funds are used.

Naturally, there is plenty of opposition to the bill. Catholic bishops in Washington, who represent 1.3 million individuals, sent a letter to Governor Inslee on Monday afternoon asking him to veto the bill based on religious grounds.

Their letter argues that the bill, “would place religious employers and others at legal risk simply for following their religious or moral beliefs and exercising the fundamental right of conscience constitutionally guaranteed to all Americans.”


As the narrative goes, abortion is just another part of women’s health care, or so the pro-aborts nationwide say. Senator Steve Hobbs, a Democrat, said earlier this year that the different features in the bill, namely abortion and contraception, “should be part of basic women’s primary health.”

Abortion is not health care. Not even close. It is the opposite of care in every way imaginable. It does not extend life or improve the health of another.

In 2018, though, unborn children are seen as parasites and abortion is the only cure.

Governor Inslee is expected to sign the bill into law.

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