Jane Doe's Unborn Baby Is Now Dead, and the Left Is Cheering

On Tuesday, I wrote about “Jane Doe”, the illegal immigrant whose request for an abortion in the state of Texas had been delayed by the courts.

The 17-year old, who had crossed the border without her parents in September, was to find an adult sponsor before October 31. This sponsor was to act as her consent for the abortion, which is required by law for minors in the state of Texas. Also in place in the Lone Star state is a ban on abortion after 20 weeks.


Jane was 15+ weeks along, so the Left was in a hurry to carry out the death sentence.

Liberals were thirsty to make an example of her and her unborn child. Why not use the teen as a pawn? She could be a poster child for both “heartless” immigration laws and the War on Women all in one helpless, illegal vessel. Win-win. Make her a victim of the Trump administration? Now that was too enticing for the pro-aborts in the United States to pass up.

On Wednesday morning, Jane’s 15-week old unborn child was put to death by the legal homicide of abortion.

And the Left? They cheered and called it justice.


At 15 weeks, the following is true of an unborn life in the womb:

  • The baby is approximately the size of a grapefruit.
  • The baby’s brain controls all their muscles.
  • The baby can actually do somersaults.
  • The baby can frown, squint, and grimace.
  • Ultra-fine hair called lanugo covers the baby’s body.

On Wednesday, a life at this stage of development was cut short, and the death rejoiced over. A new heart that beat early that morning was violently stopped, and it was called a “win” for human rights.


After the unborn child’s death, think pieces such as this one entitled When a Fetus Is a ‘Child’ Who Needs Protection, But a Pregnant Teen Isn’t appeared, lamenting the fact that poor Jane had even been “forced” to carry the pregnancy that long.

“Jane Doe” continues on as a petite champion who stood against the evil, anti-choice Trump administration. Meanwhile, the shredded remains of a once-growing life are disposed of somewhere in Texas, forgotten and unwanted.

This is called a victory in the United States in 2017.

Now tell me; why should we ask God to bless America?


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