Planned Parenthood Is the Real Victim, For They Are Mischaracterized

Never doubt Cecile Richards’ ability to lie about Planned Parenthood.

She is president of the national organization of clinics that bills itself as women’s health care while simultaneously taking 328,348 lives annually, according to their latest annual report.


Health? Hardly.

In the past, Richards has had to clarify the often-used lie that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms. They absolutely do not, but this remains a talking point used by many abortion disciples to this day. In addition, they do not provide nationwide prenatal care, though this is also a narrative. Yes, a select few individual clinics may offer pre-birth services (while vacuuming babies out of wombs in the next room) but the vast majority do not.

LiveAction proved just that with their recent investigation.

Don’t worry, though, all this truth means nothing because Planned Parenthood is sorely misunderstood. Pro-lifers especially just don’t get it. Cecile said as much during a recent appearance on comedian Larry Wilmore’s podcast, Black on Air.

Life News reports:

After discussing her upbringing, Wilmore asked about Richards’ current position heading Planned Parenthood.

“There’s very few organizations like Planned Parenthood that literally, not only has been around 100 years long before even birth control was legal, but has literally changed lives and does every day,” she began.

According to Richards, misunderstanding her organization was a male problem.

“I actually think that, for most women, they do understand Planned Parenthood. So I’m just going to say that right now,” she insisted. “Most of the people who actually mischaracterized Planned Parenthood have never had to worry about being pregnant or worry about, you know, having breast cancer or needed a pap smear.”


Richards is absolutely correct. Planned Parenthood does change lives each day. They change lives by stopping them in their tracks and ending them while in utero. Legal homicide is such a wonderful, charitable service, is it not?!

As for pro-life men, those vicious, privileged creatures, she is also right. Males do not have to worry about pregnancy, pap smears, or other things associated with possessing a female body. However, this does not mean they should be silenced from discussing abortion. Unborn males, as well as females, are picked for destruction in PP clinics nationwide. The ones who got away should speak up for the ones who didn’t. This is a great inconvenience for Cecile. It should continue.

She went on to explain just what her clinics do.

“So the average woman in this country who wants to have kids spends five years getting pregnant and having children and an average of 30 years trying not to get pregnant,” she said. “Okay, that’s what we do at Planned Parenthood, is we help for those 30 years.”

Yes. We are aware that your focus is to keep women from pregnancy. This “service” includes supplying birth control to prevent conception, or executing the unwanted unborn after conception occurs.


As ice queen Cecile Richards reigns as head of the abortion industry giant, her attempts to soften its image will continue. You can’t water down the truth of abortion, so instead, you must point to others – males and female alike – and say “they just don’t get it!”

Mischaracterization of Planned Parenthood by abortion proponents – not pro-life advocates – is the real problem. Cecile and others paint a glowing portrait of a misunderstood organization focused on reproductive health.

Their own yearly numbers, listing more than 320,000 dead, tells the true story in one sobering statistic.


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