Scientist Says DON'T Push Your Daughters into STEM in this Perfect Tweet Thread

It’s so trendy right now for modern day feminists to push young girls into STEM careers.

Never mind that opportunities for females to pursue fields such as science, technology, engineering, and math are in abundance. Yes, there are fewer women in STEM careers. To feminists, that fact itself is the problem. Surely, personal choice isn’t the reason for the disparity. It absolutely must be sexism!


Thankfully, some women already in those careers, by personal choice, share the reality of the situation. One Twitter user – a female, a conservative, and a scientist – did just that in a great series of tweets.



What a concept.

Don’t push your children, male or female, into a certain field if it’s not his or her thing. Passion is a big part of success and ability to stay long-term in a chosen field. Especially don’t push your daughters into STEM careers just because they’re a girl. That’s pretty much the definition of sexism. Why not support whatever they’re interested in pursuing, even if it doesn’t help your social justice narrative?

Sorry, feminists. This female scientist has her own thoughts about your crusade to direct girls to STEM. But she is entitled to have an opinion, even by your own rules.


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