GOP Senators Willing to "Give" On Issues (Like Abortion) to Get Health Care Bill Passed

The health care bill battle continues to look like a weak attempt at a victory, or at least that is what some GOP Senators are eager to portray.

As I wrote earlier, negotiations in the Senate are reportedly not going well. This is unsurprising given the content, which isn’t a repeal, and the players, too many of whom are more concerned with keeping their seat than doing what they should. But it’s 2017, and party over principle is the hot new trend!

As reported by Chad Pergram of FOX News, some GOP Senators are willing to do just that.

If you’re a GOP Senator and comfortable with selling out on the abortion issue, you can remove “conservative” from that glowing description of yourself. Life is an absolutely fundamental issue for conservatives. You can be pro-abort/pro-choice and call yourself a Republican (see: Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins), but you can’t do the same and hold the title of “conservative”. The two are incapable of co-existing.

Has the Republican party lost what little backbone it had left? Is that what the Era of Trump has ushered in among elected leaders in D.C.? Apparently.

There are a lot of “ifs” in play at the moment. If the Senate manages to pass a health care bill before the deadline, what will it look like? If such a bill is a clear compromise on the abortion issue for sake of passage, what kind of victory is it really? If said bill is unable to be passed, what does that continue to say about Congressional leadership, not to mention presidential leadership? At this point, none of the answers to those questions look very good.

If the GOP dares to cave on the very fundamental issue of abortion, it deserves to lose.

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