Nothing Will Change When Electoral College Votes Monday ... And It Shouldn't

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The members of the Electoral College are set to cast their votes on Monday.

Hillary supporters and many others would like some dramatic shift to take place. It won’t be occurring. Donald J. Trump is the President-elect and will be sworn in on January 20.


Celebrities attempted to persuade Republican electors from voting for Trump in a nauseating video Caleb Howe discussed here. Because if there is anything that’s genuine, it’s a Hollywood-type pretending they respect how a Republican’s conscience guides them. Yeah, right. Remember, these same people had no issue with the whole Electoral College thing before the election. Convenient outrage, anyone?

Christopher Suprun, a Republican elector from Texas, famously announced he will not be honoring his pledge to vote for Donald Trump on December 19. This matters little in the scheme of things, as it will not change the election outcome. In general, though, being a “faithless elector” isn’t a title one should wear proudly. I’m aware that he and others believe his intentions are noble, but I disagree. And I’ve been #NeverTrump since the beginning.

Even “Hamilton electors”, who filed lawsuits in order to be relieved from their duties as electors, as Andrea Ruth discussed here, have gotten nowhere.

As someone who supported neither Trump nor Hillary, the squabbling over electors’ rights and declaring one will stand in opposition to earlier pledges is a bit silly. Electors who don’t want Trump but want Hillary aren’t exactly trading up, you know. She isn’t a better choice no matter what her starry-eyed supporters on the Left think. Along with them, some confused thinkers on the Right believe Hillary would be preferable to Trump for a variety of reasons. Those of us who reside in the “they’re both horrible” camp would feel the same no matter who is sworn in.


This is why the “faithless electors” don’t strike me as brave role models. If anything, they’re desperate or seeking fame. Probably both.

We’ve learned yet again that elections have consequences. This is an uncomfortable thought, but true nonetheless. Hillary Clinton rose to become the Democratic candidate. Donald Trump rose to become the Republican candidate, then at the end, the President-elect. Neither should have been seriously considered to run the country because of corruption, inexperience, liberalism, inconsistency, and the like. Unfortunately, those were our final choices.

Changing the results after the fact will do nothing to affect the generally unserious, foolish demeanor that the electorate has apparently embraced. The next four years will most likely involve plenty of pain. Hopefully, we’ll learn some lessons from it, and sober up as a whole.


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