Trump Is No Gentleman, But That Doesn't Mean His Administration Will Be Bad For Women

In many ways, the 2016 election was all about women.

Hillary Clinton is a woman. She lost an election which was hers to win against a joke of an opponent. That glass ceiling remains unbroken and liberals are left wringing their hands. Donald Trump clearly “likes” the fairer sex. He frequently insults women, and at times has been a predator. (Interview with Billy Bush, anyone?) Yes, there is much to dislike about Trump as a person. Those who feel that statement is untrue have been swept up in a cult-like love similar to the Obama fandom of 2008.

However, just because the President-elect has been known to demean the opposite sex in word or deed does not mean his administration will do the same.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest reason the upcoming administration is seen as abysmal for women has to do with reproductive “rights”.

With a Republican-controlled Congress and White House, Planned Parenthood funding may well be on the chopping block. The abortion industry giant receives more than $500 million from the United States government, as listed in their 2014-2015 annual report. The same report shows abortions performed at PP clinics during that time period numbered 323,999 to only 2,024 adoption referrals. They are in the business of death, though they won’t admit it.

They frequently remind the public that it is against the law to use federal funds for abortion, except when the life of the mother is at stake. We can thank the Hyde Amendment for that. Regardless of their claim that no money goes to abortive services (hard to believe), clinics that carry out the life-ending procedure should not be given a penny of federal funding. Defunding PP should be a priority for Republicans in D.C.

Such a measure would actually show respect for women, their bodies, and the unborn children within their wombs. If a woman wants to make the sick decision to carve out a new life that’s been established within her womb, the rest of America won’t be footing the bill. If PP wants more funds, they can look to the post-election donations they request. Surely emotional Hillary supporters are helping keep clinic purses full.

Along with abortion, the Left claims that the administration – including Trump’s pick for Secretary of HHS, Tom Price – will hurt women’s chances to obtain birth control. The administration has its eye on Obamacare, including portions which cover contraception. Though you may hear differently from liberals, birth control will not be taken off of pharmacy shelves across the United States on inauguration day.

The difference that we may eventually see? Women may have to pay for their own contraception. Again, despite claims to the contrary, this isn’t a devastating turn of events. There is natural birth control (abstinence is 100% successful!), and for those who do prefer prescriptions, Walmart and Target carry generic versions of things like the pill for as low as $9. Cut out two lattes a month, and you’re good.

Liberal ideology cleverly disguises what it really thinks: that women are nothing more than what happens in the bedroom. But we are not just a collection of uteruses. We are much smarter than they claim, and we should demand that they address it. Our worth is not predicated upon abortion “rights” or whether the pill is free this month. Claiming these things are our main focus exchanges distinct aspects of American womanhood for feminist talking points.

If Donald Trump’s administration and Republicans in Congress want to treat women well, they can begin by focusing outside of the bedroom and ask us to take responsibility for and fund our own reproductive choices.

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