No, This Election Is Not A Microcosm Of Systemic Misogyny

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was excited to play the “woman card” as soon as she entered the race for the White House. It’s probably the best weapon in her limited arsenal. Her accomplishments are few, and her popularity, weak as it is, was achieved by standing on the shoulders of her husband.

With Donald Trump as her final opponent, the opportunity to use the “woman card” is at an all-time high. The man’s past and present words about women, which have included discussion of assault, are horrendous. It is right for him to be called out. It is also right for Hillary to be questioned regarding how she has shamed women who were assaulted by her own husband. Neither candidate has room to talk.

If you look around at the media, you’ll see that Trump is billed as the worst of men, and in some circles, is said to represent them all. On the other hand, Hillary is a champion for females, and seeks to crush Misogyny in all its Donald Trump form.

Publications like The Huffington Post trip over themselves to establish these exact narratives:

The last few days of this presidential campaign have been brutal for anyone who believes that women are human beings worthy of respect.

…it was still a wake up call to anyone who has become numb to his relentless misogyny. It’s all deeply depressing, and not just Trump’s words, but the forces they are rooted in. Sexism. Male privilege. Rape culture.

Watching Clinton ― a woman who has, for years, prioritized policies that promote fair pay and reproductive rights ― stand up to Trump does not undo the pain his words have caused. But it served as a rallying cry for every woman who has ever felt her body threatened by a man who would try and claim it through words, touch, or legislation. It laid bare that, for better or worse, this presidential election has become a referendum on what America really thinks about women and how they should be treated.

STOP. That last sentence is utter nonsense. Is America’s name Donald Trump? It is not. Are all women represented in the person of Hillary Clinton? Thankfully, no. 

Rape culture is not a thing. Yes, males rape females. Rape is a crime. Also, female teachers sexually prey upon their minor students. (Do a Google search and you’ll find plenty of headlines.) That is also a crime. That these monstrosities exist does not mean we live in a society where rape is praised and where assault is promoted as a good thing. With all the talk of men being unstable animals, it’s a wonder the Left even leaves their houses to venture out into the wild unknown.

With a liberal set that clings to the idea of “rape culture”, adding Donald Trump into the mix – as a very public figure and presidential nominee – causes them to explode. He’s horrible, so he surely is the embodiment of a shadowy, evil, male population!

Except he’s not.

Trump’s words and actions are his alone. The vast majority of Americans believe both men and women should be treated with respect, and Donald Trump’s behavior does not change that.

Defeating Donald Trump doesn’t equate to slaying the spokesperson for systemic sexism because systemic sexism doesn’t exist in the good ‘ol USA. American women live in the best country on the planet, enjoy resources and opportunities out of reach to many others, and aren’t treated as cattle nor sold as sex slaves.

We have it good.

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