Trump's Celebrity Status Magically Makes Things Consensual?

Cults are going to act cultish.

That’s been more than apparent this election cycle as Trump supporters attempt to one-up Obama fans from 2008. That’s quite the task, but naturally they’re up for the challenge.

In the past two days, Trump fangirls and fanboys have excused away his previously recorded bragging of sexual exploits, including assault, for a variety of reasons. “It was a long time ago! He’s changed! He apologized!” However, none is so disgustingly ludicrous as assigning consent where there clearly was none.

Politico reports, emphasis mine:

…on Saturday in Manhattan, a few dozen Trump supporters gathered from far and wide—Jersey Shore, DC, Queens—to stand in front of Trump Tower and show their support for the man who built it.

…about 24 hours prior, audio surfaced of Trump bragging about his ability to assault women because he was a star, sending scores of Republicans to withdraw their support and calling for him to relinquish his spot on the ticket. But these people didn’t care. He was still their man.

A 17-year-old who has been volunteering for the Trump campaign, and who also didn’t want his name used, was explaining to a bystander that Trump’s comments weren’t predatory because they let him do it because he’s a star, and that is a form of consent.

Come again?! What a stellar future Mr. Trump in the making there.

Sexual predators will do anything to make their actions seems appropriate or consensual. Just ask Bill Clinton. In no universe does being “a star” give someone license to force themselves upon another person and erase the need for consent. In the Trump camp, however, celebrity status is all that’s required to look past what is necessary.

What does this say about those who support Trump? That at the very least, their judgment is flawed. More importantly, what does this continue to say about Trump himself? That he believes he is above the law. And you want this guy running the country? And you’re just sure he’ll appoint conservative justices to SCOTUS? And bring us back from the influx of Mexican rapists entering the country? (Well, Trump may have something in common with that last type. Except they aren’t stars.)

The past 48 hours have given all of us much to think about. Many in Congress and elsewhere have pulled their support from Donald Trump. Unfortunately, some still exist who will always give Don a pass for anything he does. Next month, they just may give this “celebrity ” a pass to the White House.

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