Pence to the Rescue? Pump the Brakes

In the wake of the video/audio release which again confirmed Trump’s consistent disrespect of women (which also included talk of assault), some have wondered whether it should be Governor Mike Pence as the GOP nominee instead. Others, like Senator Kelly Ayotte, will just write Pence in on election day.

Obviously, this is uncharted territory and seemingly impossible given early voting that has already taken place.

However, that’s not the real issue. What we should really be asking is why would we even want Pence to take over now?

The GOP took a year in which it had a shot – an actual shot – of ushering an experienced conservative into the White House, and chose Donald Trump instead. Strike one. Next, Trump chose Governor Mike Pence of Indiana as his running mate. Unfortunately for Pence, he accepted the VP slot. Strike two. Now, Trump has suddenly gone too far and a solution must be found. Strike three.

Yes, the release of Trump talking about females, what he’s done to some, what he’d like to do to others, and how his star status helps get/force them to bed is revolting. It isn’t indicative of the male population as a whole, though. We shouldn’t gloss over it just because Bill Clinton is similarly loathsome. But voters, we’ve known Trump was like this all along. More importantly, so has Mike Pence. That White House must be too enticing to stand on principle, though, even for “aww shucks” suburban dad look-alike, Mike.

If somehow Trump stepped down, which is unlikely, and Pence took over, also unlikely, as Joe Cunningham reported here, supporting the latter would make absolutely no sense. Mike Pence has shown his judgment to be incredibly flawed, to say the least. Even if he once thought the possibility of steering Trump in the right direction might occur, he still hitched himself to the incompetent, lifelong liberal who jokes about forcing himself onto women.

Mike Pence is no solution because the GOP created the problem willingly, and those who have attached themselves to Trump will forever be remembered for their lack of resolve. This includes Senator Ted Cruz, the “courageous” and “principled” conservative who caved.

The GOP lost itself to the desire of beating Hillary so much that it didn’t care what its nominee look liked. That is a serious judgment call. For some reason, I used to think those of us on the right side of the aisle appreciated common sense the most. Apparently not.

Trumpism is a fever which needs to burn itself out. That fever needs to be burnt out of the GOP as a whole, the voters who promoted it, and those like Governor Pence and Senator Cruz who fell prey to it.

Mike Pence is not the answer because the question of Trump as nominee should never have been asked in the first place. I won’t be writing Pence’s name in nor will I be voting for his current boss, no matter what occurs between now and election day. He is not the solution.

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