UNREAL: Man Wants To Make It Easy For Daughters To Abort His Grandchildren

It is no secret that Hillary Clinton is one of the abortion industry’s most fervent supporters.

Planned Parenthood endorsed Clinton in January — a candidate who believes restriction on abortions should only begin at the “very end of the third trimester”. Though she promotes herself as a “champion for all”,  Clinton proudly dismisses the most innocent and weak among us: the unborn. Her blood lust, propped up as “women’s health,” is core group-think among the left.


Women, young and old, embrace the legal homicide, for it frees them of responsibility. Unfortunately, many men also celebrate that women in their lives could choose to have an abortion.

Take for instance NARAL’s tweet of praise for a Hillary-supporting dad eager to make the abortion of his grandchildren easily accessible.


Yes, that’s right. Stephen – the Dad – actually celebrates that his daughters have the ability to engage in legal homicide, and approve of and participate in the murder of his own grandchildren. He’s determined to make sure his grandson’s or granddaughter’s heart will stop if they’re unwanted or scheduled to arrive at an inconvenient time. This is the opposite of what men in society should be doing for the least among us.


Gianna Jessen, saline abortion survivor, expressed this perfectly.

“Men, you are made for greatness. You are made to stand up and be men. You are made to defend women and children, not stand by, and turn your head, when you know murder is occurring and do nothing about it. You are not made to use women and leave us alone. You are made to be kind and great and gracious and strong and stand for something because men, listen to me, I am too tired to do your job.”

Stephen, a proud Hillary Clinton supporter, is failing at his most important job.


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