Illinois Passes Bill Forcing Medical Community to Promote Abortion

There are plenty of states whose legislatures and pro-life governors seek to protect unborn life. These include Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, and the latest, South Carolina. Then there are states like Illinois, the economically bankrupt liberal stronghold. Currently, socially liberal Republican governor, Bruce Rauner, is at the helm, and he is expected to sign a new bill which further erodes the pro-life community in the state.


The bill, SB1564, passed the state’s House this week, and the legislation is now in front of Governor Rauner. The bill has been making the rounds since last summer, and, if signed by Rauner, would dramatically impact pro-life providers in the medical community there. As reported by Life News:

Particularly at issue is the bill’s requirement that every Illinois pro-life medical provider of any kind who chooses not to perform a procedure such as abortion or a prescription for birth control has one of three options: Either they must “refer the patient” to another provider, “transfer the patient” to another provider, or provide a list of “other health care providers who they reasonably believe may offer the health care service.”

One way or another, the law would compel pro-life medical providers in Illinois to participate in abortions.

…the proposed legislation’s inclusion of a requirement to counsel on the “benefits” of abortion has also raised concern among pro-life opponents to the bill.

Ironically enough, this bill amends current legislation known as the “Health Care Right of Conscience Act”. By requiring the pro-life in Illinois’ medical community to refer a patient for an abortion, this goes directly against their conscience. But in 2016, everything is ok in the name of a woman’s right to choose. As far as the “benefits” of abortion, there are none. However, Illinois medical personnel would be forced to knowingly violate their own beliefs in order to promote murder, and increase profits for the abortion industry.


Unlike Republican Governors Walker, Pence, Bevin, and Haley, who have unflinchingly signed pro-life measures, Bruce Rauner is a spineless member of the executive branch who will do the opposite. This is yet another example than an (R) next to a politician’s or candidate’s name can mean absolutely nothing. Rauner is pro-choice, and labels his support of abortion as “reproductive rights”, like most cowardly liberals. Here is Rauner in his own words regarding his views on abortion:

My issue is that we need to be respectful – as Republicans – we need to be respectful of each other’s feelings.

The reality is that the right for a woman to choose is a national law. That’s not going to change in Illinois. I think we can agree on some common sense ways for abortion to be more rare and safe.

I couldn’t care less about respecting the feelings of the opposing party when innocent unborn life is vacuumed out, burnt up, or dismembered while in the womb. Rauner has also made it clear he doesn’t intend to change the pro-choice landscape of Illinois. His focus is on feelings. How brave he isn’t.

This election cycle, Planned Parenthood has a $30 million dollar campaign to push their pro-abort agenda across individual states and at the national level. Unfortunately, Illinois is already dangerous ground for unborn life. The legislature and the governor don’t seek to protect the innocent in the womb, and this new bill forcing pro-life medical professionals to violate their conscience is another part of the assault.



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