SOTU: The Empty Chair Leaving an Empty Chair

President Obama will deliver his final State of the Union speech on Tuesday, January 12th. Both Republican and Democratic presidents usually invite guests to attend the SOTU to honor service, sacrifice, or to make a political point. In an effort to establish some sort of legacy, President Obama will leave an empty seat for victims of gun violence.


I know what you’re thinking. The Empty Chair will try to make a point…with an empty chair. How fitting.

The end of the Obama administration is a little more than a year away (thank goodness), and Barack is thinking about his legacy. But Obamacare is an unaffordable failure, economic recovery and the job markets are nowhere near fully recovered, and that is just to name a few. The result of his two terms is a lot of negative change.

If last week was any indication, the president yearns for addressing the supposed evil of guns to be a large part of his legacy. Not only did he cry, and leave slobbering liberals doing the same, but he attempted to connect with all of America through a “Guns In America” town hall held by administration cheerleader, CNN. Practically addressing gun crime, or any crime for that matter, is never a bad thing, but Obama didn’t even do that. He seems to believe that background checks are 1. not currently in place, or 2. something he came up with. And Democrats just glow. He is saving America, and all its children, right? No. It’s all a show.

The show continues on Tuesday when, as he takes the stage to deliver the final SOTU, he’ll solemnly look toward that empty chair, perhaps wipe a tear, and perform for the cameras. But that chair is just a reflection of his actual “fight” to end gun violence. Apart from enforcing already existing laws, including background check requirements, emotional displays and theatrics do nothing to solve the problem. Unfortunately, there will be other shootings on a small and large scale.  We’ll see breaking news of lives taken by maniacs brandishing guns, picking off their victims. Headlines will print weekend tallies of Chicago gun deaths. This is our reality, because violence is rooted in the heart. Obama has done absolutely nothing to change that reality, although he believes the opposite is true.


An estimated 32,000+ lives are lost each year due to guns. That figure contains homicides, suicides, accidents, etc. Tragic? Definitely. But consider this: per day there are approximately 3,000 lives taken by abortion. Per day. The death-by-way-of-guns figure for an entire year is surpassed in only 2 1/2 weeks by abortion deaths. Horrific? Absolutely. And a president who has the power to actually address this violence and combat that horrendous practice refuses to lift his pen in support. Just last Friday, President Obama vetoed legislation that would have, among other things, removed federal funds from Planned Parenthood. Because to Obama, bravery is a prime-time display with an empty chair.

Presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz is certainly not impressed:

It’s rather fitting that President Obama leaves an empty seat at the State of the Union on Tuesday, since his presidency and policies themselves are empty.


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