NBA Wife Won't Curry Favor With Uppity Feminists, and That's Awesome

It’s abundantly clear that modern-day feminism promotes a limited worldview. This is visible in their reactions to couples prizing traditional gender roles and “old-fashioned” ideas of decorum. To feminists, being “liberated” and “independent” means subscribing to one way of thinking: their way. They see any counteracting position as an impediment to women’s “progress” and become very shrill.

Ayesha Curry is the wife of Steph Curry, the NBA MVP who plays for the 21-0 Golden State Warriors. She has two adorable children, does a lot of cooking (which she shares on Instagram and YouTube), has her own cookbook coming out,  and publicly encourages Steph in addition to sharing their mutual faith in God on Twitter. Clearly there’s more than enough here to annoy feminists.

Now Mrs. Curry has done something horrible. On Saturday night, via a series of tweets, she expressed her preferences for “classy” over “trendy” fashion.

Responses were swift. While plenty were supportive, others slammed what they considered to be her “condescending” attitude toward other women, as well as her supposed self-righteous manner. And this is all because she dared to defend modest fashion. Some loud feminists were especially quick to be disgusted by Mrs. Curry’s opinion, “@FeministaJones” prominent among them. 

There is more from Ms. Jones, but I won’t subject you to it. Feel free to read more of the hyper-active ranting here.

When your own personal choice of good taste ruffles the feathers of feminists so much, you’re doing something right. All Ayesha Curry did was share her feelings on a subject without requiring that other women feel the same. This is entirely different from standard feminists’ go-to tactic of slamming holders of opposing views. It’s obvious that Mrs. Curry is neither bothered by their annoyance nor uncomfortable with her worldview. While her critics wallow in secular-progressive nonsense, she’s doing her best impression of the Proverbs 31 woman. And that is both refreshing and truly feminine.



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