Howdy Neighbor! How goes the Jihad?

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  • Loudoun county has the highest median household income in the nation.
  • It is one of the fastest growing counties in the country.
  • Ashburn, Virginia, the largest city in Loudoun county, is home to AOL Headquarters, the Redskins training facility and hundreds of middle class families
  • And today, my Ashburn neighbor, Farooque Ahmed, was arrested by Federal agents for plotting to blow up the DC metro.
Truth be told I didn’t know Farooque.  I believe I had seen him before walking the neighborhood with his wife in Muslim garb.  This isn’t a terribly unusual site in this culturally diverse area so I can’t be sure it was him. But I can assure you that every family on the block tonight will take extra care to lock their doors, shut their windows, and pop a few Pepto Bismols before retiring for the night.
Here’s a quick video recap I gave on site:
More on this tomorrow.


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