NY Dem Weiner: Health care 'bill and I are one'

In an election cycle where Democratic campaign advertisement expenditures disparaging their party’s landmark health care overhaul is wildly outpacing pro-reform spots, one New York congressman is embracing a bold approach: Taking ownership of the health care reform bill.


“I wrote the bill,” Rep. Anthony Weiner said Monday at a town hall, referring to his party’s landmark reform of the nation’s health care system. “The bill and I are one.”

Despite hailing from a heavily Democratic district, Weiner’s admission is borderline masochistic, with recent polling indicating 53% of Americans now favor a repeal of the measure.

And while that metric has compelled a great number of Weiner’s otherwise liberal colleagues to abandon the president and the cause of reform in advance of this fall’s midterm elections, the Brooklyn Democrat is undeterred, one of only a handful of Democrats running on–and not from–health care.UPDATE: The website of Weiner’s GOP challenger, Bob Turner, can be found here.


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