At Least Someone in Trump's GOP Still Has Morals

A Republican National Committee official in Nebraska resigned Monday over the party’s support for Judge Roy Moore, an accused child molester and sexual predator running for U.S. Senate in Alabama.


According to Politico, Joyce Simmons wrote in an email to other RNC staffers:

I strongly disagree with the recent RNC financial support directed to the Alabama Republican Party for use in the Roy Moore race. There is much I could say about this situation, but I will defer to this weekend’s comments by Senator Shelby. I will miss so many of you that I knew well; and wish I could have continued my service to the national Republican Party that I used to know well.

Simmons’ resignation came just one day before voters in Alabama went to the polls to elect their next U.S. senator to replace Jeff Sessions, who President Donald Trump appointed to become Attorney General.

The Republican establishment, including Trump, supported Moore’s Republican primary opponent Sen. Luther Strange. Nonetheless, Moore won the primary and faces off against Democrat Doug Jones in Tuesday’s special election. The GOP later reinvested in Moore’s bid, spending at least $170,000 to bring him to Washington, D.C., according to Politico.


Simmons isn’t the only one in the GOP to oppose the party’s support of Roy Moore, though.

Sen. Richard Shelby, the senior senator from Alabama, said Sunday that he voted early but that that he did vote for Moore or Jones. Shelby would not say who he did cast his vote for. Meanwhile, others in the party continue to twist themselves into pretzels to defend Moore against what are entirely credible accusations of child molestation and sexual assault.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. This type of issue transcends politics. It does not lend itself to partisanship. For that very reason, I applaud Simmons, Shelby and any other Republican who shows that they are principled enough to condemn alleged immorality and support the integrity of the Senate.


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