Monday Motivation: America Stands With Keaton Jones

Nowadays, it’s difficult not to lose all faith in humanity, given the disgusting and vile insults being shouted across social media, so-called moral leaders supporting an accused child molester for the U.S. Senate, and so many others on both sides downplaying accusations of sexual harassment by cultural and political heavy hitters from Hollywood to Washington. D.C.


But on Sunday night, one small glimmer of hope that maybe — just maybe—- not everyone has lost their freakin’ minds emerged on Twitter. It came after a video surfaced of a child named Keaton Jones in Knoxville, Tennessee, who told his story of being bullied at school.

Heartbreaking, right?

But amid the emotional response, dozens of online supporters, from politicians to pundits, to athletes, to top-tier celebrities weighed in via social media, some of whom even invited Keaton to meet them face to face. Here are just a few of the tweets in support of Keaton:


Amid so much partisan bickering, it’s nice to be reminded that there are some things that unite us all. The well-being of an innocent kid in Knoxville is one of them.

Thanks, Keaton. We all owe you one.


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