Vermont newspaper apologizes for 'insulting' Vegas shooting cartoon

The Bennington Banner in Bennington, Vermont, apologized Tuesday for a cartoon it ran the same day “in haste.”

The cartoon by Randall Enos showed a pile of bodies with the words “What stay in Vegas.” One user posted the image to Twitter, calling it “tasteless” and the newspaper’s apology “lame.”


Another user called the cartoon “one of the most callous things I have seen” and “totally devoid of humor & human empathy.”

Yet another social media user tweeted “#BoycottTheBenningtonBanner.”

Fredric Rutberg, president of New England Newspapers, which owns the Bennington Banner, released a statement saying that “many people, including me, found [the cartoon] to be insulting and in bad taste.”

Rutberg said the paper “regret[s] and apologize[s] for publishing the cartoon.

“The gravity of our error in judgment was magnified by the fact that one of victims of the unspeakable horror was a native of Dorset [Vermont], whose family and friends must have been particularly offended by this cartoon,” Rutberg continued.


Rutberg was referring to 35-year-old Las Vegas shooting victim Sandy Casey, who was a Vermont native but lived in Redondo Beach, California, according to the Burlington Free Press.

“As the president of the company, the responsibility for the grievous error is mine, and I apologize to the entire Bennington community that the Banner was so insensitive,” Rutberg added.


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