Michael Moore apparently thinks it's a good idea to ride out a hurricane on the beach

As Hurricane Irma was approaching Florida last week, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore took to Twitter to attack President Donald Trump for not offering his BEACH SIDE resort as a shelter. Seriously, folks. You can’t make this stuff up.


On Friday, just hours before Irma made landfall off the Florida Keys, Moore tweeted, “has he opened up Mar-a-Lago as a shelter yet?”

The “he” Moore was apparently referring to was President Donald Trump, given that Mar-a-Lago is the name of the real estate mogul’s beach side property located just north of Miami in West Palm Beach, Florida. For those in need of a geography lesson, Mar-A-Lago sits LITERALLY RIGHT BESIDE THE COAST.

Anyone who pays even one bit of attention to the president’s whereabouts (especially this spring when Trump visited the paradise property just about every weekend) should know that Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property is literally one of the least ideal places to ride out a Category 4 hurricane.

Several social media users pointed out the obvious to Moore, one of whom noted that the property sits on a barrier island, which means it gets the full brunt of the storm.


Conservative commentator Mark Dice awarded Moore’s comment the “dumbest tweet of the day.”

Another user tweeted, “surely you’re not stupid enough to think this is a good place for a flood shelter,” along with a photo of Mar-A-Lago sitting right beside the ocean.

Of course, those tweets were embarrassing enough for the Michigan native. But alas, Donald Trump, Jr., decided to pile on.

“It’s on an island on both the ocean & intercostal and in a mandatory evacuation zone,” the president’s eldest son replied on Sunday.

“[P]robably not the best idea, but you know, narrative!” Trump Jr. added.


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