Water Cooler 8/10/17 Open Thread; Troops Deployed To Border; Feds Taking Another Go At Gungrabbing; Lashing Out At Fake News


Canadian Troops Deployed To Us Border, To Stop The Flow Of Migrants

Remember kids, it’s only bad and racist when the U.S. controls its borders, other countries have a right to handle theirs however they want to.


Canada has sent about 100 soldiers to a remote spot on the Quebec-New York border where asylum seekers are crossing illegally.The Canadian military said in a statement Wednesday that the soldiers will help the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canada Border Services Agency at the site.They are preparing a place for tents that can hold almost 500 people. They will also install lighting and heating equipment.  The military says the soldiers won’t play a role in security and won’t be helping with law enforcement.

The migrants fear the U.S. is becoming less welcoming and have decided to try their luck seeking asylum in Canada. Officials estimate that 400 people crossed the border at the site on Sunday alone. The Canadians arrest the migrants as soon as they step across the border. But the migrants prefer to take a chance by seeking asylum in Canada rather than risk being deported from the United States.

—The Miami Herald via AP

Isn’t that something policing their borders and catching people trying to enter illegally as it happens ?  What’s more they are leaving this country because they don’t think they have a good chance of avoiding deportation here anymore. I thought this was one of those things that was impossible ? Like tampering with an election making a difference ?


Federal Bill Set To Block Sales Of Pistols Without Microstamped Firing Pins

Why ? Because liberals never grow tired of finding new ways to make conservatives say NO ?

Microstamping is supposed to stop crime. The idea is that each round will be stamped with a number unique to the firearm and thus making it easier for the police to catch those who use guns in violent crimes.

Unfortunately, the technology is expensive, unreliable, and controversial. That won’t stop some politicians from trying yet again to require its use.

Introduced as the Make Identifiable Criminal Rounds Obvious (MICRO) Act last month, the proposal would strip the ability of federal firearms licensees to sell pistols that do not carry the controversial microstamping technology. Backers argue that as much as 40 percent of murders go unsolved due to lack of evidence, which the bill is meant to address.

“We must do everything we can to ensure gun violence can be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said the bill’s author, U.S. Rep. Anthony Brown, D-Md., in a statement. “Microstamping offers law enforcement the chance to track bullet casings to the source of the crime, and is one more step we can take to ensure the safety of the American people.”

—Bearing Arms


As the Bearing arms article points out, the Democrats have once again punished honest people while counting on criminals to obey the law.

Lashing Out At Fake News Again ? Nope Not Our President This Time

This time around it’s Bibi Netanyahu the prime minister of Israel that has a problem with fake news. Hmm, Didn’t he have issues with Obama as well ?

The Likud came out en masse in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night to support Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu accused the Left and the media of being one and the same, together on “an obsessive, unprecedented witch-hunt against me and my family, seeking to overthrow the government…. Their goal is to put inappropriate pressure on law enforcement, with no connection to justice.”

The prime minister called the media the “thought police.”

“God forbid if you think differently from them!” he quipped.

Netanyahu also pointed out to the adoring crowd how “the fake news media repeated that if we don’t withdraw from territories in our homeland, Israel will be isolated and weak and abandoned.

Remember their cries? Isolation, isolation, isolation.”

The crowd showed its own distaste for members of the press, confronting some of them with shouts, while others held signs describing the media with obscenities.

–The Jerusalem Post


Usually this is about the place where the left likes to throw all kinds of claims around to deflect from the issue. We can only hope that sooner or later they will get the message (likely by being laughed to death) that the fault is entirely in themselves not their stars and perhaps if they were nicer people they wouldn’t be facing torch wielding mobs.

Quote of the Day

It is not a sign of arrogance for the king to rule.
That is what he is there for.

William F. Buckley


Drink up That’s it for the Watercooler today. As always it’s an open thread


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