Watercooler 9/29/16; Just What Does It take To Violate Immunity?


Just What Does A Witness Have To Do To Violate Immunity These days ?

Here we get to see the now all too familiar visage of FBI Director Comey under questioning by Rep. Ratcliffe (R-TX). I use the term questioning loosely because the Rep. is actually informing the director that his immunized witness, had violated his immunity agreement by lying in interviews with the government.


The witness in question is the infamous Paul Combetta AKA The Clinton IT GUY. The same guy who according to Real Clear Politcs is “Trying to cover up the cover up”

COMEY: I’m not following. Compelling of what? There is no doubt that Combetta was involved in deleting emails.

JORDAN: After conversations with Cheryl Mills?

COMEY: He had the ‘Oh S-H-I-T’ moment as he told us. And that is why it was very important for us to interview this guy. To find out who told him to do that, why did you do that. That is why he was given immunity…

JORDAN: The guy is trying to coverup the Reddit posts where he is trying to figure out how he can cover up the email addresses. I find that compelling, especially considering the day before he was talking to Cheryl Mills about how the State Dept. is on notice about how the Benghazi Committee wants these very documents. I find that compelling. Obviously the FBI didn’t.

–Real Clear Politics


So just to be clear on this. He was given immunity, failed to make full disclosure, lied in interviews, and destroyed evidence.    At this point it’s pretty safe to say that nearly every witness would have had their immunity agreement voided and be facing obstruction charges at the very least. What does it take for this administration to enforce the law ?


Sorry it’s a short drink of water at the cooler today, but as always it’s Redstate’s open thread and the chat is what makes it great.


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