Maxine Waters, Like Most Dems, Is a Fraud Who Can't Be Trusted. Her Juneteenth Celebration Proves It.

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In case you didn’t know, Saturday was a new holiday, another Independence Day to be specific, officially known as “Juneteenth National Independence Day.”


As I covered, only seven percent of the GOP base supported making the celebration a federal holiday. The primary concern of the GOP base was that for the left, the “now-federal holiday is not about national pride. The holiday now serves only to push forth the left’s radical racially driven agenda.” Regardless, the GOP establishment pushed forward with the legislation and handed the left a new tool to browbeat their opponents into submission.

RedState writer Jeff Charles covered some of this exploitation last night. Charles noted that everybody from Joy Reid to Michael Moore to even the Muslim American Society used the holiday to push their leftist ideas.

Charles rightfully points out that “Juneteenth is a holiday intended to celebrate the end of slavery in the Confederate states. It has been celebrated by the black community and other Americans for almost 150 years.”

Indeed, it is a joyous holiday. If we had a Democratic Party that acted in good faith, and wanted to celebrate it purely for the sake of doing something good and unifying, then it could have been a glorious day for years to come.


Well, that’s a pipedream in our modern world.

The Democratic Party is about power and using issues to divide so that they can conquer.

As soon as they get what they want, they jump to the next thing and they keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing until they’ve transformed society.

This was evident as Rep. Maxine Waters of California declared yesterday that the best way to celebrate Juneteenth is to block voter ID and end the filibuster.

The best way to celebrate #Juneteenth is to get focused, get educated, and realize we are in a fight to protect our right to vote. 14 states are already trying to advance voter suppression laws, and that number will only grow. Let’s celebrate, but let’s act. End the filibuster!” she tweeted. 


Of course, Waters had nothing to say last year about the filibuster during the height of the George Floyd riots. Senate Democrats used the filibuster 327 times in 2020. Her silence on the topic was because, at the time, being in favor of the filibuster was politically advantageous.

The important thing here isn’t that Rep. Waters is a hypocrite –that’s old news– it’s that she’s a fraud. She, like most of the Democratic Party, doesn’t actually care about what she says she cares about.

It’s evidence, again, that despite what leftists said about Juneteenth, they’re going to use it for years to come to advance simply to advance their agenda. They are frauds who cannot be trusted.


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