James Carville Says You Are 'Stupid' and 'Evil' and the Media Is Too Nice to You

Long-time Democratic strategist James Carville had strong words for Democrats and the far-left, but much stronger words for Republicans and their voters.

In an interview with The Hill, Carville lambasted members of his own party for their “ability to irritate” by espousing their desire to defund the police and other extreme ideas.


“These people have the ability to irritate,” he said in the interview. “They have the ability to come up with really stupid things, like ‘Defund the Police,’ the three worst words ever in the English language, maybe. And you know, ‘Let’s get rid of Abraham Lincoln.’ That takes a really smart person to come up with that.”

“So we pay while huge majorities of the Republican Party don’t believe in evolution,” he added. “Alright, huge majorities of the Republican Party followed Donald Trump. But somehow or another, we pay a greater price for 11% of our people than they do for 65% of their people.”

But, according to the Democratic strategist, “People that believe that the election was stolen and have a right to storm the Capitol, which is a substantial number of people in the Republican Party, are evil.” He continued, “Our people are kind of silly. Their people are actually evil. Racism is evil. Alright. Misogyny is evil. I’m sorry.”

James Carville
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He even gave a nod to the woke progressive movement by adding “A pronoun is, to me is, ok, fine.”

“That’s not the same thing,” he concluded. “It is not, yet the media is addicted to both-sidesism.”


I’m… I’m sorry? The media is addicted to equally comparing both sides?

Some things are forever, I suppose, like the Clinton Era belief that the media is all-in on attacking Democrats. Never mind that the media has made it a point to actively attack giving any positive coverage to Republicans. I mean, as Fox News points out, Brian Stelter exists.

Various liberal journalists have called on the mainstream media to stop reporting on “both sides” of a political issue, suggesting that Republicans deserve harsher treatment. CNN’s Brian Stelter promoted a Los Angeles Times column that claimed journalists were failing the public because of “both-siderism.”

We have covered media bias extensively here at RedState. There isn’t a day that goes by where Republicans don’t get the brunt of negative coverage, and certainly more of it than Democrats. And that’s not me saying some Republicans don’t deserve it, but consider that, just yesterday, the media spent the entire day lamenting that their favorite Republican, Liz Cheney, was defeated and that the Republican Party had truly fallen into the hands of the extremists in the base. There is no similar lament when any centrist Democrats lose to far-left candidates, is there?


Carville doesn’t say anything publicly that isn’t to be interpreted as “You guys need to be saying this constantly.” It was Carville’s own advice to the Democrats over a year ago saying that they should make the midterms about January 6. He is also trying to get the party to accept that the far-left wokes are killing their election chances. He makes appearances solely to message to the rest of the party. This is another of those.

But in this message, it’s clear that this isn’t about politics or policy. It’s about straight-up division and demonization. This is the very rhetoric that leads to the political violence the left says it decries. Highly irresponsible.



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