CNN Analyst Believes Immigration Is Going to Sneak up on Democrats in 2022

It is sometimes a bit amazing that some people get the opportunity to work for a major news outlet and just churn out little more than base-level takes that get called “analysis.” The journalism economy makes no sense whatsoever, but alas.


Chris Cillizza is an analyst at CNN, and he writes two types of columns: Takes that would seem fairly obvious to anyone else and takes that defend Democrats. Yesterday, he wrote the former when he warned about the one “sneaky” issue that actually wouldn’t be able to sneak up on a blind and deaf sloth: Immigration.

According to Cillizza, while everyone is worried about inflation and the economy, immigration is hiding just out of sight, ready to pounce.

With all the focus of late on inflation and its impact on the coming midterm elections, we may be overlooking another issue gaining traction among the American public: immigration.

More than 4 in 10 Americans told Gallup in March that they have a “great deal” of worry about “illegal immigration,” which is how the firm framed the issue in its survey. That number, which was consistent with Gallup’s polling last year as well, is on the high end of their survey findings on the issue over the past decade.

And considerable concern is primarily on the rise among politically critical independent voters. In 2018, just 3 in 10 independents said they had a great deal of concern about the issue. Now that number stands at 39%.

I’m not entirely sure where Cillizza’s been since Biden took office, but it does not appear to have been in the real world, which has seen a lot of high profile coverage of the immigration issue since the initial surges that plagued Biden’s early term and have grown exponentially worse since this summer… and potentially climaxing next month with the end of Title 42.


A good many folks have looked at the recent poll numbers and spotted trouble for the Democrats. If you look at the RealClearPolitics polling average of Biden’s job approval on immigration, it’s clearly weighing on voters’ minds. He’s averaging 59 percent disapproval. What’s worse, looking at the POLITICO/Morning Consult poll from the beginning of April – really before the Title 42 issue took shape – there is one particular stat that should be raising all kinds of red flags.

Illegal Immigration
Townhall Media/Julio Rosas

Of everyone polled, 35 percent approve and 56 percent disapprove of Biden’s handling of the immigration issue. Being 21 points underwater there is bad enough, but when you look at the demographic breakdown, you’ll find Biden is 12 points underwater (38-50) among Hispanic voters. That should be a major warning sign for the Biden administration, which is about to unleash 600,000 illegal immigrants into American cities by September.

ICE is getting ready to release as many as 600,000 illegal immigrants into communities before the end of September, the agency told a federal judge, giving an early estimate of the chaos the administration is predicting after it ends the Title 42 pandemic border shutdown.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement revealed the figure in a court filing dealing with how it plans to handle illegal immigrant children who arrive as part of the surge.

Deane Dougherty, ICE’s juvenile coordinator, wrote in the filing that the Homeland Security Department expects a “historic border surge, with projections forecasted to triple current arrivals.”


The number of immigrants the Biden administration is dumping off on American cities is nothing short of alarming. If there is one issue that makes Hispanic voters upset, it’s watching a lot of illegal immigrants jump the lines their own families had to stand in so they could become citizens. It’s always been something that angers those voters because they followed the rules and the Democrats don’t actually want to enforce the rules for others. It’s a slap in the face to those who went through the process.

If you’re losing Hispanic voters by double digits on the issue of immigration, that’s a really bad sign. But it’s not as though this is some sort of a surprise waiting to happen, as Cillizza contends in his piece. This is something that has been obvious for months.

Look at the RCP polling average again. Scroll down that page and look at those numbers. Biden’s numbers haven’t been decent since July, and even then the best he could pull off was a 50-50 approval on the issue in a Democratic-leaning poll that sampled a smaller than average group of registered voters.

There is a reason that so many Democrats in the House and Senate are appalled by the Title 42 decision: There’s no plan to stop the surge that everyone knows is coming. It will hurt the Democrats electorally – apparently so badly that even northeastern Democrats like Maggie Hassan had to weigh in and caution the Biden administration.


But, somehow all of this is a surprise to someone like Chris Cillizza. And probably Joe Biden.


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