The Biden Administration Wastes Another Week on a Voting Bill No One Wants

We’re halfway into yet another week of the Biden administration and the Democratic Party pushing what they call a “voting rights” bill. They are doing this despite the fact that there is almost no polling showing that this is the issue that voters care about the most.


Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted since the Afghanistan withdrawal and there has so far been seemingly no floor it hasn’t crashed through. His polling average on approval is hovering around 42 percent, but individual polling has shown him getting as low as 35. Folks from CNN to the Washington Post have tried to blame all the factors leading to Biden’s low disapproval on everything but Biden, but that’s not flying with voters.

When you dig into the approval numbers, it’s not just that his approval is sinking. The disapproval is growing and the gap between approval and disapproval is increasing. The two most recent polls – Rasmussen and Gallup – have disapproval up over 15 points each. These two in particular are polls that were taken last week into this week. The same time period that Biden has been ramping up his rhetoric on the filibuster and the voting rights bills.

These are highly publicized statements and speeches that every media outlet has run. Millions of Americans who are being impacted by a shrinking jobs market, supply chain issues, grocery shortages, gas price hikes, inflation, and every other economic problem an economy can face are being preached at by these Democrats on an issue they aren’t worried about, and the rhetoric from the administration and Democratic party is insulting.


If you don’t support it, you are a racist. You are Bull Connor. You are a terrible person.

Who wants to listen to that?

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The Biden administration is just so bad at politics that it almost defies belief. The rhetoric is toxic, the priorities are out of touch, and the loudest voices among the progressive left are pulling the party toward electoral extinction because they cannot possibly fathom rational people having any priorities other than extreme environmentalism, a federal takeover of elections, and government involvement in every facet of our lives.

The elections bill they call “voting rights” is such a bizarre hill to fight on because he knew going in that he didn’t have the votes for it or for filibuster carveouts. The opinions of Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema haven’t changed. Why continue with such a high-profile focus of a dead issue when there are things you can fight on that will at least make it look like you’re in touch with the voters who put you into office.

And let’s not pretend that this “voting rights” bill is somehow the top priority for Americans. Sure, there is polling that shows it is popular (the Democrats love throwing these out) but there is virtually no data showing it’s the most important issue among the economic and pandemic issues out there now. There is a massive omicron variant surge that has people worried. There is a flailing economy that has people furiously checking their account balances and worrying about the groceries for this week – assuming they can find them.


But the Democrats in Washington are more concerned with this voting issue than the problem right in front of their voters. Maybe that’s why Republican identification is surging over Democrat identification in a recent Gallup poll. People don’t want to identify with a party that is not focused on the most pressing needs of the nation. They want to identify with a party that is at least talking about the right issues, and the Republicans have been harping on these issues over and over again. Democrats won’t even touch them.

So, as we enter our third week of this insane push on an issue barely on Americans’ radar, you just have to ask: What in the hell is the Biden team doing?


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