Biden Was the Best Democrats Had to Offer, and Now He Has to Go

In 2020, the Democratic primary revealed that the most popular, most competent person to lead the Democratic Party was Joe Biden.

Truly, they tried to convince us when he was elected, the Renaissance of American Governance has returned and the world will respect the United States once more. The grown-ups are back in charge. There would be no more mean tweets. Sanity had come back to the White House.


The Biden administration has been stepping into crisis after crisis since he took office with no actual response and no plan to any of the urgent issues facing the country. But Biden wanted one thing to cement his legacy: An end to the war in Afghanistan. He wanted our troops out, and he wanted them out before the 20th anniversary of September 11. Damn what the military leaders and intelligence community say, it was going to happen.

And so Biden, convinced that he was right and that the best course of action was a complete and immediate withdrawal, created the worst foreign policy crisis since at least the Cold War. He has shown the world that Robert Gates was correct in his assessment that Biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy question in his decades in Washington D.C.

Thursday was the pinnacle of malicious incompetence. A terror attack by a resurgent ISIS splinter, ISIS-K, killed dozens, including over a dozen American marines. The Biden administration was silent for over six hours. Biden and his Vice President, Kamala Harris, were basically in hiding. It wasn’t until much later in the day that a rally for Gavin Newsom featuring Harris was canceled — something you’d think would be done immediately following the explosions that killed American troops.

Biden gave a speech vowing to go after the terrorists who had planned and committed the heinous attack, but the threat feels as empty as many of the plane cabins we’ve seen pictures of in the wake of the “historic” and “impressive” evacuation procedure from Afghanistan. He wants American forces out of the Middle East, but also promises that we’ll pursue the terrorists that killed our troops? Unless he’s taking cues from Barack Obama and launching drones at weddings, there is no reason to believe he is serious about this mission.


From the start, the withdrawal from Afghanistan has been an absolute nightmare, with Biden giving the country over to the Taliban. On Thursday, we found out how much worse it actually was: The White House line is that they were depending on the Taliban to protect our people and that the Biden administration had actually given the list of American citizens and Afghan nationals helping our forces to the Taliban — they gave our enemies a kill list. In no world does that make any sort of sense, but in Biden World, apparently that is just diplomacy.

Our allies are furious. The world distrusts us. Israel will continue its policy of not sharing intelligence with us. Actually, that bears repeating: Our only true ally in the Middle East, and one of our closest allies overall, is no longer comfortable sharing intelligence with us. We were told that Donald Trump embarrassed us on the world stage over and over, that our allies mocked and ridiculed us because of him. But those same people are now silent on the world’s reaction to America’s absolutely embarrassing failure in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden is unfit for office. Given that he proved to be the best the Democrats had to offer, the only one enough people could support to make it out of a wide field of candidates, it stands to reason that no one in the Democratic Party actually has a clue how to handle a foreign policy crisis. He certainly doesn’t, his Vice President doesn’t, and his administration doesn’t. They are all vapid ideologues who had their sights set on a moral goal and no actual plan to make it happen. They wanted a big PR win, and have instead hurt the country.


Heads should (figuratively) roll for this. No one in this administration seems fit to keep their job over this. This is an outrage. It is infuriating. And it is time for him to go.



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