A "Kremlin" Leak Revives The Trump Kompromat Conspiracy

A few digital media outlets started publishing stories about a “leak” from the Kremlin that seems to verify the Russian government has compromising information on Donald Trump, and did all along. This has prompted a lot of “Aha!” responses from the rabid left who never really gave up on the idea that Trump was a Russian asset all along.


Surely, these media outlets can’t really think that we should trust information coming out of Russia. This is the nation that took part in misinformation campaigns during (at least) two presidential elections, has routinely sought to undermine the United States, and would love for any and all attention to stay off of them.

Despite that, the media has spent years ranting and raving about misinformation while gladly using debunked material from a garbage intelligence report to undermine a U.S. president. It is hypocritical of any media outlet to declare that Trump was this massive purveyor of misinformation while also trafficking stories about “kompromat” and conspiracy theories that have time and again been disproven. Yet, that’s what many of them have done from the start.

And it’s not just the “pee tape” or anything like that. The retracted CNN story on Anthony Scaramucci. The Lafayette Square story being totally ripped apart by an inspector general. BuzzFeed reporting that Michael Cohen entered testified to Robert Mueller.

The list goes on.

No information coming out of the Kremlin, released or “leaked” can be trusted. They do not have our best interest at heart and anything that gets out there that will damage and divide us further is something they will put out without hesitation. And the media is absolutely obsessed with this stuff because they can’t admit THEY were responsible for Trump. They gave him so much airtime, so many opportunities, that his coverage drowned out the other Republicans in 2016. They made him possible. But they’ll never cop to that.


And they did it then for the same reason they are doing it now: Money.

They want your views, your clicks, and your shares. They want the message getting out there. Because if it does, then more people will go looking for it and demand more. But you see what’s happening with the ratings on the networks, right? The people are fleeing. They are tired of the Trump coverage. Trump is over. They want to move on, and they don’t trust the networks to improve. So they keep churning bigger and badder stuff out there, trying to get those sweet, sweet Trump clicks back. And it isn’t working.

Take the Mark Milley story that’s also making the rounds today. Do you think there was any serious contemplation of Trump staging a coup? No. Milley is a political hack masquerading as military leadership and every military leader in the U.S. knows that Trump had no power as of noon on inauguration day, no matter what. There was never a threat.

But whether it’s Russian “kompromat” or whisper of Trump staging a coup, they just have to keep reporting on it, because that’s all they have left. How many anchors at CNN have put out their own tweets covering what’s going on in Cuba? Not retweeting other people, but actually talking about it? Few, if any. How about MSNBC? Same.

Some of the cable networks have online stories about the Biden administration turning away Cuban refugees. But how much time are cable anchors spending on that? Compare that to how much was said over Trump doing that at the southern border.


Scratch that. There is no comparison.

They have to focus on Trump. They can’t help it. It’s an addiction. They need this Russian thing to be true. They need this Cuba thing to go away. They want desperately for Trump to have come close to staging a coup. They need inflation to just be a Republican talking point.

Their side isn’t winning. Not on the issues and not in elections. They can’t accept that.

This stuff from the Kremlin? Obviously not another Russia disinformation campaign, despite it coming directly from the place where Russian disinformation is born.

Hunter Biden’s laptop? Obviously Russian disinformation despite there being literally no evidence of that.

They have to be absolutely brain dead to not at least take seriously the possibility that this is another Russian disinformation campaign. Or think that you’re too dumb to realize it.


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