The Media Told Us a Violent Revolt Was Coming... What Happened?

It is worth noting today that media outlets are reporting Joe Biden will serve his first full day as President of the United States, and no American cities are burning. No one is calling for the end of the Republic. America still stands.


Two weeks ago, an armed mob briefly took over the Capitol building. Their detestable actions were widely condemned and the people who were fine with what happened were a small, but vocal, minority. So small, in fact, that they barely count as even a minority.

We have been told conservatives were going to revolt, trying to overthrow a fairly elected incoming President. Instead, what we saw yesterday was a peaceful transfer of power. Alleged flyers calling for an armed protest never happened. The protests at 50 state capitals never materialized. It’s like all these hyped-up mini-revolutions were never going to happen, but some people who are not conservatives needed for these events to happen to further their own agenda.

Let’s get something straight: The armed mob that attacked the Capitol building was not representative of the 75 million people who voted for Donald Trump in November. It was representative of a small group of conspiracy theorists that are super loud but are getting a disproportionate amount of media coverage. The Democrats and the media need for QAnon to be a major cultural movement because they need that “Look? See? They’re nuts!” totem to discredit any substantive objections that conservatives might actually have to the Biden administration.

The media told us this was sad but necessary/APTOPIX Capitol Breach
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The fact is this: 75 million Americans did not want Joe Biden to be President. 75 million Americans either supported many of the policies that the Trump administration put in place or objected to the policies Biden was promising. That is a significant portion of the voters and their view needs to be fairly represented.


However, we know that their views won’t be fairly represented. Don Lemon of CNN has already labeled every single one of those voters a collaborator of the KKK. Other media outlets have condemned anyone who voted for Trump as a racist or bigot or supporter of authoritarian regimes.

Curiously, the supposedly authoritarian Trump left Washington D.C. peacefully, did not try to overthrow the government, and made no moves to interrupt the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States. For some reason, that fact appears to have been overlooked.

That’s extremely weird, given the rhetoric media outlets and Democrats have thrown at us for the last four years. I wonder if, just maybe, the things they were saying simply weren’t true.


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