If Democrats Win, Will Pelosi Stay in Power?

Every so often, we get stories about the grumblings behind the scenes of the Democratic Party against Nancy Pelosi. After all, it was under her watch, along with Harry Reid and Barack Obama, that the Democratic Party was almost wiped out on a national scale, leading to the rise of Donald Trump.


There is also the fact that many of the socialist-leaning activists these days see Pelosi and her supporters as centrist Democrats who don’t push progressive-enough policies. Obamacare didn’t go far enough. The Democrats didn’t do enough when they had full control of Congress and the White House (sound familiar, conservatives?). They don’t like Pelosi and see her as a relic of a long-forgotten and not liberal enough time.

But, who do they have to replace her with? There are some folks who have expressed interest, but Pelosi remains a powerful figure in her caucus and party. She is a major fundraiser, a power broker, and still a national figure. That makes her difficult to beat.

If the caucus decides to beat her, they will go even further left. That’s what makes this so interesting, though. Nancy Pelosi being the Democratic leader in Congress is actually the best case scenario for the country. She will probably publicly block Trump’s agenda while eventually negotiating with him. You’ll probably never hear about those negotiations, but she will get to declare victory when the victories aren’t so great.

That’s the best case scenario for the country. The best case scenario for the Republican Party, however, is that they decide to replace Pelosi. The more the Democrats trend left and appeal to their most fringe elements’ baser needs, the more they alienate the center. That pushes the center back to the Republican Party, who they will see as more grounded in reality, even as they re-nominate their reality television star president for a second term.


That’s what the Democrats likely still don’t get. They do not realize that they created a very real bump for Republicans after the Kavanaugh nomination. They don’t get that their need to protest and screech about everything is doing them more harm than good.

Whatever victories they get out of today aren’t because the fringe left appeals to voters. They may win because Trump himself is so repulsive to more moderate voters that they will not support him in an election seen as a referendum of his administration. But, that doesn’t mean they are yearning to embrace the crazy that is the all-socialism-all-the-time the farthest left is advocating.

Hopefully, they never do understand that. I don’t think that Pelosi will lose her top spot, but if she does, that’s actually good news for Republicans.


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