Oh No, Someone Let Trump Back on Twitter

Donald Trump has had a great week on Twitter, primarily because he wasn’t weighing in on the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. This strategy was a great move, because as someone who himself has been mired in allegations from the get-go, Trump’s input will only add unwanted attention.


So, naturally, someone slipped up and gave Trump his phone back.

There are a couple tweets this morning, and they are not incredibly helpful.


I think it’s great that Trump is still supporting Kavanaugh against the charges. It’s good to show that kind of loyalty, especially under questionable circumstances. However, Trump’s own history is enough for someone to sit him down and say “Look… no social media for you for a while.” That strategy worked. It made Trump seem almost level-headed.

But now, he’s weighing in. Thankfully, he is not weighing in on Ed Whelan’s thread from last night.

Hold on to your seats, folks. It’s gonna be one hell of a Friday news cycle.


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