The President of the United States Still Thinks Dogs Are the Worst

Free image via Pixabay

We as a country have a problem.

We typically love dogs. Dogs are great. They are awesome, even. Hell, one could argue that we don’t deserve them.


But, we elected a man who hates them to be our President.

I don’t make that accusation lightly. I have made it before because the evidence is overwhelming, and today he has added to the evidence pile a new tweet.

To review, Donald Trump thinks dogs are bad:

And in Donald Trump’s world, even dogs are fired:


Well, this whole Omarosa story shows she is not a great person and she was fired by Trump, so naturally, this tweet happened:

A lot of folks are calling and will continue to call this tweet sexist and/or racist. But, that shows a total lack of understanding about Donald Trump’s world. If you aren’t a loyal person, if you aren’t a beautiful model, or if you aren’t family, you’re probably not worth his time.


It’s the strangest phenomenon, really. I don’t know of anyone who appears to dislike dogs as much as Donald Trump does.


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