Twitter Addresses the "Shadowbanning" of Conservatives. Poorly.

Twitter is under fire right now for its “shadowbanning” practices. Namely, certain people who are right of center are finding their Twitter reach significantly reduced, including GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, among others.


The folks at Twitter are pushing back, explaining their process and trying to assure the masses that, no, this isn’t politically motivated.

They are not doing a good job. Here’s Twitter head honcho @jack to explain it further, using language that is definitely not human in origin.

“Conversational health” sounds a lot like someone who’s wanting to say “safe space” but doesn’t want people to know he’s saying “safe space.”

Here’s the deal, folks. Twitter is an absolute hellhole as far as conversation goes. Unless you completely immerse yourself in a bubble, you’re going to see and hear things that bother you. And you should. It’s not society’s job to hold your hand and get you through when people say mean or offensive things. That’s life.


Twitter’s shadowbanning policies lean left primarily because the most motivated users on Twitter are wannabe activists who think silencing someone on a social media forum is akin to locking arms with Martin Luther King, Jr., when in reality they are sticking their fingers in their ears and shouting “LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU” until Twitter takes care of the problem for them.

People need to grow the hell up, and Twitter needs to go after the truly offensive users – the ones threatening physical and sexual violence on others, among other offenders – and really take a moment to analyze what the hell they want to be known for. It’s a shoddily-run social media network that is currently barely usable because its priorities are so massively screwed up.


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