What on Earth Would Robert Mueller Be Investigating Devin Nunes For?

There is a rather cryptic and strange tweet floating around that suggests that Devin Nunes is under investigation by Robert Mueller/DOJ/FBI, all without any evidence. Naturally, a few people have latched on to the idea because it suits them.


The tweet was originally posted by Democratic Coalition co-founder Scott Dworkin.

Now, I am no fan of Nunes. I’ve loudly and publicly called for him to be removed from the House Intelligence Committee for turning it into a partisan battleground like every other committee, violating its long-standing mostly-neutral status.

But, it is one thing for him to corrupt the House Intelligence Committee and another thing for him to suddenly and without warning be a target of Mueller. Common sense, then, would lead us to the conclusion that such a prospect is ridiculous.

If you follow the thread of Dworkin’s tweets, he concludes it with a link to a Business Insider story saying that Nunes is being investigated… for campaign donation violations. And, if you are unclear as to whether or not that’s a super serious thing, Business Insider explains it.


Although Nunes’ campaign may face consequences for these alleged violations, such rebukes are not uncommon. In the past, campaigns that the FEC found received more money than allowed have often refunded their donors to escape paying fines.

It’s more or less routine. It’s against the rules, but it’s not that serious.

Nunes is controversial, to say the least, and I disagree with how he’s run the Intelligence Committee, but it is beyond silly to think that he has suddenly become the target of the special counsel’s investigation, with your only source to such being an “anonymous” source and a link to a story that in no way proves it.

So, if you stumble across these accusations, chuckle and move on. We’ve got a solid idea of who Mueller is after, and sitting Congressmen aren’t on the list.


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