Heritage Blasts Omnibus Bill on Twitter

The Heritage Foundation, which is the premier conservative think tank in Washington D.C., took to its official Twitter account this morning to blast the omnibus spending bill before Congress this week.


The think tank, like most conservatives, has long railed against these types of bills because of how they are used to hide unrelated items and force them through without any real debate. The practice is abhorrent, and Heritage wasted no time in calling Congress out over it.

Hang on, folks. It gets even better from here.

…Which is a damn shame, considering the Party In Power has vowed to do the exact opposite of this since Barack Obama took office a decade ago.


Perhaps the only thing I disagree with here is that the writer doesn’t go far enough in tearing Congress a new one.

Congress has completely and totally abdicated its responsibilities in utilizing the power of the purse. It has allowed career politicians and lobbyists to completely cave on any sense of fiscal responsibility and throw at the American public an abomination of a spending bill that does nothing the Republicans who are supposedly in power claimed they would do.

But, when you think about the last decade, it’s not really that surprising, is it?


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