BREAKING: CNN Cancels Interview With Pro-Gun Parkland Survivor

Kyle Kashuv, Parkland shooting survivor and the loudest voice on the pro-gun side of the debate amongst his peers, was scheduled to appear on CNN today. However, according to Kashuv, the appearance was canceled by CNN itself.


Kashuv, who has frequently advocated for more security in schools versus restriction of gun rights, tweeted out the cancelation, explaining that it was due to a link he shared on Twitter.

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch also commented on the cancellation.

The cancellation comes at a time when CNN and other media have been called out by Republicans and conservatives for not giving a voice to Kashuv, the only prominent right of center voice among the Parkland survivors.

As of posting time, CNN has not released a statement on the cancellation of Kashuv’s interview.


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