Champion Girl Scout Makes Greatest Marketing Decision Of All Time

It’s Girl Scout cookie season, which means that I must burn my checkbook but it also means that we must celebrate one lone scout who went above and beyond for the people of her community.


In the heart of San Diego, one young girl moves up and down the sidewalk in front of Urbn Leaf, a marijuana dispensary, targeting the perfect audience for her delicious cookies.

She sold over 300 boxes in six hours.

The business even posted about it on Instagram, and the news became viral.

Here’s the local Fox affiliate with more:

The scout’s father said his daughter sold more than 300 boxes in about 6 hours.

Girl Scouts San Diego says booth sales do not start for another week, but that scouts are allowed to sell from wagons as long as they have a parent or guardian present.

“So if that’s what they say they were doing … then they were right within the rules,” said the Scout’s father said.

The controversial move of Girl Scout cookie sales at dispensaries has come with changing times around the country.

Girl Scouts of America Colorado was prompted to issue a statement in 2014 after a scout reportedly sold more than 100 boxes of cookies in two hours outside a San Francisco dispensary.


Now, the trick here is that she didn’t post up at the dispensary like you normally find at Wal-Mart or other locations. After all, as stated above, that’s against the rules. She sold them out of her wagon and moved up and down the sidewalk, thereby going around the “no booth” rule AND the apparent “no pot dispensary” rule the organization has.

God bless this young entrepreneur. We need more successful women at the top in the business world, and I believe this might be just the girl to make it there.


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