Does Anyone Not Named Hillary Clinton Actually Want Hillary Clinton To Keep Happening To Us?

On Friday night, as we previously covered, Hillary Clinton posted a tweet. She said words and giggled because one of them was a swear word.

Here is the tweet, once again, so you can suffer through it as many times as social media is trying to make me suffer through it.


As you watch this clip, you notice a couple of things. First of all, they haven’t updated the operating system since 2016, as evidenced by her hesitation when reciting the script. The second thing you notice is that there is some sort of excitement in the air for Hillary Clinton, as though she hadn’t spent the evening strategizing on how to react to the story that she shielded a sexual predator on her team in the 2008 election.

Hillary’s team seems to really and truly believe that she can and still will be a relevant political force in the coming years. Perhaps she will spearhead a campaign in 2020!

Apparently, no one on #TeamHillary has realized that they are the only ones who want this.

There really are relatively few liberals who believe Clinton has a political future. Older Democrats believe she’s lost her viability. Younger Dems want a fresher or at least more socialist face. Clinton represents the Old Ways, and they want to push further left.


I just cannot fathom that any Democrats would want to have anything to do with the one person in American Politics who could manage to lose to Donald Trump in a presidential election. While I realize that Internet response isn’t the be-all-end-all of sports, it is a solid measure for some trends, and the decreasing care and admiration shown toward Clinton seem to indicate that her time is definitely over.

As well it should be, too. Democrats would be absolutely foolish to put Clinton in the 2020 mix. If she tries, someone has to stage an intervention. Her circle of confidantes seems to be big enough. Surely someone in that circle can help put a stop to this, because her social media team is just eating it up.



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