WATCH: School Board Meeting in Louisiana Ends in Shouts and Handcuffs

A school board meeting in Abbeville, Louisiana, went south quickly when a teacher was asked to leave the meeting room and later arrested in the hallway outside the meeting.


Deyshia Hargrave, a teacher at Rene Rost Middle School in Kaplan, Louisiana, posed questions to school board members during a meeting. She was told by one school board member that she could not pose questions during the public comment period. When she apparently violated that rule again, she was asked to leave and was escorted out by a city marshal.

While the school board was not pressing charges, Hargrave was booked on charges, according to KATC in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Although the Vermilion Parish School System is not pressing charges against her, the teacher removed from Monday night’s school board meeting has been booked into jail.

Records indicate Deyshia Hargrave was booked into the city jail with remaining after being forbidden and resisting an officer. The cooperation of the school system would not be required to arrest her on either of those charges; the officer could arrest her on his complaint.

Superintendent Jerome Puyau told KATC Monday night that he called to ensure that police knew the system was not pressing charges against Hargrave, but she was booked anyway, records show. She has since bonded out. City Prosecutor Ike Funderburk told KATC that the School System officials had called him this morning to reiterate that the system wasn’t interested in pursuing charges.


According to multiple videos from the scene, the marshal forcibly arrested the Hargrave, bringing her down to her knees as he cuffed her. He then escorted her out of the building as spectators and local media followed them out.

Hargrave’s questions had to do with the school board voting to give the superintendent a raise.

Jerome Puyau, who has been the head of the school board for years, is currently paid $140,000 per year, which is the lowest in this part of the state but ranks 35th overall in Louisiana. The school board plans to increase Puyau’s salary by $38,000. Hargrave appears to have been questioning the need for his raise when teachers in the area are struggling.

The incident went viral locally, with many on social media taking Hargrave’s side and blaming the school board and the marshal for silencing her.

Here is the video of the incident, from KATC.



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