Steve Bannon's Tactical Retreat


Once a man on top of the world, Steve Bannon is now fighting for his life.

He was President Donald Trump’s closest advisor, as well as the driving force behind the biggest and most pro-Trump outlet that isn’t Fox News. He was also a self-styled kingmaker, looking to push candidates who would fulfill the same agenda Trump’s presidency was supposed to aim for.


However, Bannon lost the job of advisor. His outlet’s influence does not appear to be reaching as far as it used to. His candidates fail. It’s difficult to tell who fell out of love with who first, but Bannon and the White House do not appear to be in love anymore.

I won’t re-hash all of the details, but the latest drama seems to stem from writer Michael Wolff’s unfettered access to the White House and its staff as he wrote a book on the tumultuous presidency. Some of the key quotes from the book indicate that Trump was aware of the Russian meetings. Others show Bannon insulting Ivanka’s intelligence.

If Bannon was hoping to lay low after the complete debacle that was the Roy Moore candidacy, it looks like he’s out of luck. This story is going to get a lot of airtime, and why wouldn’t it? Trump’s closest advisor from the early days basically admitted there was something to this Russia story that keeps plaguing the administration. What will stop any media outlet from talking about that, as well as having panels talking about that.

Bannon is not a complete dummy. His actions from the moment of Andrew Breitbart’s death were calculated to make Bannon into a political playmaker – someone who could change the face of Washington. It wasn’t an ideological urge, either. Every action he’s taken indicates he just wants to be remembered as the guy who orchestrated the cleaning of the swamp.


It’s all blowing up in his face, however, so he’s having to sound a tactical retreat. The statements against the Trump family are designed to help him wash his hands of the Trump Administration should there be something to these Russia allegations. Looking at his website, it appears he is easing off that plan, and will instead focus on the good of the Trump Administration.

Because, even if you were fired from the White House, you still want your contacts and pushers in D.C. helping you out.

However, he is not fighting from a position of strength anymore. Bannon has been forced to go defensive now, and you can tell from the editorial direction at his site currently that they don’t want to fight Trump right now. There is a simple reason for that, too: They built this monster, and they know the monster will turn and consume them if they don’t watch out.

If you’re looking for the good news, however, please note that Trump and Bannon taking swings at each other was a fantastic last-minute Christmas gift.


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