At This Point, We Can Safely Assume the Democratic Party Is Trolling Its Base

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, accompanied by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., smiles as they sit on stage at a rally at St. Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., Monday, Oct. 24, 2016. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
Pictured: Two of the greatest trolls the Democratic Party has produced.

One of the greatest things about 2017 is that it has taken the act of trolling and turned it into an art form. Across the board, we have experienced moments when we fell for amazing jokes, pranks, and gags.


And, as a child of the Internet Era and someone who appreciates a good trolling now and then, I must pay my respects to one of the major political parties of the United States of America. I must because they have created an era where we’re not just being trolled, but we’re actively trolling ourselves unwittingly time and time again.

You see, trolling is when someone on the Internet creates an alternate reality to the one you perceive and uses that reality to get you riled up in some way. The most successful trolls back their victims into a corner where they cannot escape without coming away with egg on their face. That is why we must honor our parties as we wrap up the year. They have done so in a way that is just extraordinary.

This is a tip of the hat to the Democratic Party. Coming off a successful (by their standards) jaunt with America’s first black president, all the Democrats had to do to keep his base, his coalition, going was to nominate someone who could easily be seen as the standard bearer of Obama’s Policies.

And so, the Democratic Party decided to rig the system to allow Hillary Clinton to run. As it was clear that the Republican base was going to choose Donald Trump, the Democratic Party nominated Hillary Clinton. They picked someone who was so meh to the Democratic base that even after the system was rigged in her favor, there was still worry that Bernie Sanders, a man really no one had heard much about until 2016, could beat her.


That is the reality they created. That is what they presented to their base. And, those poor, poor Democrats and liberals had to endure the eternal shame of supporting the one woman in America who could lose a national election to Donald Trump. And, the best part? They still force themselves to endure it.

They still want to claim she was cheated, that the Russians ended her chances. They want to believe that she was a great candidate. They want to believe that so bad, and yet they won’t admit that all it would have taken was a few trips to Wisconsin and other blue-collar, industrial states to save their coalition.

Now the Democratic Party is the opposition party to Donald Trump. How do they react? How do they react to an electorate that largely hated their version of politics? They decided to go further left.

There is enough evidence, both historical and current, that suggests the House will fall to the Democrats in 2018. But, the Democratic Party is also shifting further left than the American public as a whole. If anything there is ample data to show that the election of Donald Trump was more about staunching the flow of social issues to the Left than it was about Trump making America great again. So, naturally, the Democratic Party is poised to ignore that data and focus instead on every progressive cause they can throw at the Republicans.


The result will be a 2020 election cycle that saves Trump’s job and could cut Democrat gains in Congress because they overplayed a hand they didn’t have. They have allowed their base to dictate demands that can’t be met and have fostered a false hope in their voters all for the donations and the short term victories in talking points alone.

So, shout out to the Democratic Party, who has everything they need to take the country back and absolutely no willpower to do so. You are trolling your voters and doing so on an impressively grand scale.

You’re an inspiration to us all.


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