The Most Important Reason Roy Moore Should Step Aside


Roy Moore stands accused by multiple women of seeking and engaging in relationships with teenagers while he was in his thirties.

The Washington Post’s story, which broke yesterday, contains dozens of sources to accompany the handful of allegations made. Yes, the accusations stem from alleged incidents 40 years ago, but they are still allegations that he must face.


Moore has vowed to fight on, despite Republicans in the Senate lining up and saying he should stop his campaign (“if the allegations are true”). He called the story “Fake news!” and is pushing forward in his race.

Let’s be honest: Right now, Moore is still probably going to win. That is a fact. A sad one, but a fact nonetheless. However, there is a moral obligation for Moore to resign if he wins, and he should stop actively campaigning from this point forward. Here’s why.

Moore is, first and foremost, a Republican and a conservative. Both party and ideology are supposed to stand up for and focus on the strength of the family. The allegations against him are the type of allegations that can tear a family apart.

He was not married at the time of the allegations (he married Kayla Kisor in 1985), so there was no cheating or anything like that. But, there is intense media scrutiny into his life now. Every facet of it. That means a lot of focus on his wife and children.

Withdrawing from the public eye can ease that a bit. It also provides time for the family to seek counseling, and get through what is obviously an incredibly dark time together. If he is a man devoted to the idea of a strong family, then it only makes sense that he take the time to focus on them now.


This is not a time to keep the spotlight on yourself. Weinstein, Clinton, Weiner, O’Reilly, and so many others make that mistake. They don’t withdraw. They stand firm. They vow to fight.

There isn’t a court battle here. There is no violation of due process. I’m not calling for Moore to be arrested and incarcerated. I am simply arguing that there are better and frankly more important things for him to do right now than take on Washington D.C.

Please, for the love of your family, step aside. Let the rest work itself out.


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