Don't Be Shocked By The Naked Contempt Conservative Media Will Show The Free Beacon

Pictured: President Donald Trump being consoled after he expresses his disappointment in noted Anti-Clinton, War-Mongering, Neocon Kate Upton blog, the Washington Free Beacon, for hiring Fusion GPS to dig up opposition research on him.

With last night’s revelations that the Washington Free Beacon paid Fusion GPS for opposition research against Republican candidates, including Donald Trump, there is a very visible, and very stupid, backlash against a publication which has gone out of its way over the years to provide both the best anti-Clinton coverage and the best support of conservatism.

Not to mention a troll game which we all should bow to.

But, figures in conservative media have leveled claims ranging from working with liberals to colluding with Russia against Donald Trump. The conspiracy theories don’t stop even when you have a proven track record of opposing everything that they are now being accused of supporting. It’s a feeling we at RedState know all too well.

Take this wonderful series of tweets.

First of all, let’s note how ridiculous it is for Brian Fallon to tweet this when, earlier that day, he posted this:


Yeah, no. I’m not interested in working with Fallon at all. Or, anyone who thinks or acts like him. However, Fallon’s tweet about working together prompted responses from Trump supporters alleging that any conservative who opposes Trump are working with guys like Fallon.

And, you know what? This entire premise is mystifying. Because conservatives who don’t like, don’t approve of, or don’t trust Trump, oppose him, they are automatically allies of Fallon? That’s a load of crap, especially given that people like Schlichter have gotten supremely offended when tied to white supremacist groups just because they fall under the “Trump Supporter” banner.

Or, put another way by Jay Caruso…

Folks in conservative media love to jump on the Free Beacon as much as they love to jump on National ReviewWeekly Standard, and, my favorite, RedState. We get to become the Establishment Boogiemen that are tangible targets. It’s the same reason guys like Ben Sasse and Mike Lee get targeted in the Senate.


The outright hostility shown here is nothing new, but it is just sad. There is no evidence that shows the Free Beacon continued to support the oppo research when it turned toward the infamous “Trump Dossier,” which includes some salacious and unproven claims that only a website like BuzzFeed would have published. However, just the fact that they hired Fusion GPS, to begin with, was enough, because they dared to dig into The Precious One, Donald J. Trump.

That is a big no-no, and you must be destroyed immediately if you do it.

But… while we’re on the subject of working with liberals and whatnot, let’s note just how willingly every major media outlet jumped on the suggestion that the Free Beacon funded the Trump Dossier. It fit some liberal media outlets’ objective to shift attention away from Hillary Clinton and the DNC, so who’s working with liberals now?


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