BREAKING: American Hostages Rescued After Being Held By Taliban-Linked Group

U.S. and Pakistani officials announced Thursday morning that an American woman, her Canadian husband, and their five children have been freed. The children were born while they were captives.


Caitlan Coleman of Pennsylvania and her husband, Joshua Boyle, were traveling in Afghanistan in October of 2012 when they were abducted. They were held by the Haqquani network, while is a group with ties to the Taliban. According to the reports, Coleman was pregnant when she was taken captive.

Via The Washington Post:

In 2013, Coleman and Boyle appeared in two videos asking the U.S. government to free them from the Taliban.

In another video made public last year, the couple said they feared their family could be executed in retaliation for Western attacks and pressure. Coleman clutched at a headscarf. Boyle had a long, untrimmed beard.

“Our captors are terrified at the thought of their own mortality approaching and are saying that they will take reprisals on our own family,” Boyle said. “They will execute us, women and children included, if the policies of the Afghan government are not overturned either by the Afghan government or by Canada, somehow.”

Coleman also spoke about the threat to their family, saying the captors were “willing to kill us, willing to kill women, to kill children, to kill whomever to get these policies reversed or to take revenge.”

Coleman and her family were rescued and are currently being repatriated, according to officials.


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