Marco Rubio's Perfect Response to the Trump Presser

While Donald Trump flounders on delivering the right message about Charlottesville, other Republicans are out there saying what needs to be said about the chaos of the weekend. One of those politicians is Marco Rubio.


Rubio took to Twitter to explain who exactly is to blame for Charlottesville, and his analysis is spot-on. If you were wondering what the proper response to the Charlottesville violence should be, look no further.


It is difficult to see why this is so hard for Trump – and I say “Trump” on purpose, because we know this statement was essentially him going rogue. The anonymous distancing of White House aides from the speech says it all. He does not like the criticism he got, so he doubled down on his logic, insulted those who disagreed, and blamed everyone for what happened Saturday.

And, yes, leftist activists did get involved in the violence. But the fact of the matter is, as Rubio says, none of this would have happened if terrible people with an evil ideology hadn’t felt so emboldened to go public with their beliefs.

White nationalism hasn’t been a mainstream movement in a very long time, but it’s back in the news frequently because they feel like their time is now. Trump not distancing himself from them and not condemning them only makes them feel even bolder.




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