DRUDGE HINT: Is Ingraham Getting Her Own Show? Is Hannity Losing His?

Once again, Matt Drudge has sent the Twitterverse into a speculative frenzy with an ominous-sounding tweet.

It appears that Drudge has learned that Laura Ingraham could be getting a prime time slot on a news network (presumably Fox).


Media reporters and pundits almost immediately assumed Ingraham would move over to Fox, but there is an issue of scheduling: where is she going to go? You have Tucker Carlson, who is pretty much the Right’s go-to for viral takedown clips, and you have Sean Hannity, who is the established face of both Trumpism (of which Ingraham is a devoted disciple) and Fox News.

Politico media reporter Hadas Gold added her own speculation.

It’s unclear right now what Drudge means, and if it in fact does apply to a television slot for Ingraham. It would be her reward for latching on to the Trump movement early on, and with Fox News as the primary source of Trump’s positive PR, she is a perfect fit.