Lena Dunham Returns to Media Spotlight After Making False Claims (Again)

Lena Dunham’s star is falling. Girls isn’t really a thing we as a society have to suffer anymore, and she has made herself into an insufferable spokesperson for insufferable people. In order to keep herself in the media, she has to make up things that are meant to outrage and inspire people.


Previously, Dunham lied about being raped by a Republican while she was in college (there is no evidence that the person she described in that story even exists) and about returning a dog who had been previously abused (the shelter she adopted it from vehemently denied the dog she adopted had any such history).

Today’s “scandal”? Dunham overheard American Airlines employees engaged in “transphobic talk.” Or, as Mary Katherine Ham puts it:

So, this became a thing. American Airlines said they would look into it. After, “airlines” and “bad press” are a frequent pairing now, so they would like to nip this in the bud, understandably.

Well, then American Airlines investigated and talked to Fox News about it. Their conclusion: Nope.

Lena Dunham took to Twitter on Thursday to complain about two American Airlines employees she claimed to have overheard engaging in “transphobic talk” — but the airline has since stated that they are “unable to substantiate” Dunham’s version of events.

“We always look into complaints from customers, but at this time, we are unable to substantiate these allegations,” American Airlines tells Fox News.


Yikes. Well, I mean, it’s just Fox Ne-… Oh.

A spokesperson for the airline told TheWrap that they are unable to substantiate the allegations made by the creator and star of HBO’s “Girls.” Dunham tweeted around 3 a.m. ET, said the airline spokesperson, when American’s last departure/arrival at JFK was around 1:45 a.m. ET.

Additionally, a video that Dunham posted around the same time showed that the actress was flying on Delta Air Lines, which according to the spokesperson, doesn’t operate out of Terminal 8, whereas American Airlines does. The two are not connected, argued the spokesperson. You can see a map of the terminals here.

Well, when this was brought up to Dunham, her response was a classic, political answer.

Which is to say, it wasn’t an answer at all.


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