It's Showtime! That Ugly Habit of Legislating to Score Points, Not Set Policy

Yesterday, a California Democrat was joined by a Texas Democrat in filing articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. The resolution was submitted before a House of Representatives run by the Republicans, who also control the Senate and the Office of the President.


In other words, it was doomed from the start.

And you know that the Democrats know it was doomed from the start. It would be absolutely foolish to think, in this environment, that there would be enough Republicans who would go along with the Democrats on this. It is also foolish to think that there is enough evidence out there to justify an impeachment.

The fact is, there is nothing that really and truly warrants impeachment; and I say this as someone who would rather just about anyone else be president than the guy we’ve got.

How do you think this plays out, Democrats? The odds are pretty good that you don’t have enough crossover voting in the House to pass even one of those articles, much less the two-thirds necessary to convict Trump in the Senate.

Let’s suppose the Democrats take control of both the House and the Senate in 2018. It is still pretty unlikely they have the two-thirds necessary, and there’s still the problem of evidence – if you haven’t found that evidence by now, what are the chances you’ll find it by then? But, it’s not like you even make it that far, because you’ve blown your wad on this attempt at motivating your base.

And that right there speaks to an incredibly stupid habit our Congress has developed: legislating to score points with the masses rather than as smart policy.


This isn’t something that is limited only to the Democrats. How many times did the Republicans pass repeal of the Affordable Care Act while Obama was president, only to drop the ball when they had control of Congress and the presidency? Too many for what’s going on in the Senate right now to be acceptable.

This legislating for show is exactly how we’ve been landed with a Trump presidency. People realized they were getting jerked around by politicians who paid lip service to their demands, only to renege when the time came. The American people were tired of getting screwed by a political establishment that kept zero promises and tried to install legacy candidates in the White House.

It’s not like the American people are so stupid that they can’t see what’s going on. Sure, the fringe elements on the Internet will be ecstatic and think that this impeachment thing is a great idea.

And, for reasons that are murky but can’t possibly be good, it’s those fringe elements that politicians are playing for more and more.


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